Get Paid to Read & Rate Articles!

Readbud.com is a new website that pay you for reading and rating articles of your interest: a brief review.

A new website has come up that claims to pay money for reading and rating articles. Sounds crazy? I too thought like that, and just out of curiosity, checked out this amazing new site called readbud.com The site is a pretty new one in the business and it offers readers money to read and rate articles, that too on topics of your interest.

Nothing! Just sign up for free, choose any of the 50 topics of your interest and start reading the articles. Once you have thoroughly read the article, you have to rate it in a scale of 1 to 5. That’s it. However, you can only cash out money once it reaches $50. Payments are made through PayPal.

Once you login, articles will appear on your screen one after the other, on topics you have selected. Each article will also show how much you can earn by reading and rating that article. You may open the article read and rate it or you can skip it so that the next article will appear. The website has clearly mentioned how much money you can make from one article based on the length of the article. Here is a quick list for your reference.

Word Count Amount

Under 100 1 cent

Between 101 and 200 2 cents

Between 201 and 300 3 cents

Between 301 and 400 4 cents

Between 401 and 500 5 cents

Between 501 and 600 6 cents

Between 601 and 700 7 cents

Between 701 and 800 8 cents

Between 801 and 900 9 cents

Between 901 and 1500 10 cents

Between 1501 and 2000 15 cents

Over 2000 20 cents

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readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

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